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We are a leading, diversified company providing construction, energy development, and consulting services nationally and internationally to varied market sectors and government agencies

We have a commitment to sustainability, green technologies, and assisting the environment to be renewable. We offer waste to energy technologies, biogas, biomass, solar, wind, building performance contracting and other renewable offerings.

We take a holistic approach to energy and offer our clients with ENERGY SOLUTIONS to meet their needs. Where financing is required, we have the ability to bring in Third-Party Financing for our customers. We offer a wide spectrum of expertise, human and technical resources, and the depth of knowledge and experience to help clients achieve success in any corner of the world.

Turn-key Services

Construction Services


CIYCOR offers their expertise and services in construction, design build, renovation, and development to commercial, institutional, industrial, military, educational, and municipal clients.


Renewable Energy Solutions


CIYCOR’s renewable platform offers a holistic renewable energy approach to assess, recommend, and secure funding for various energy solutions to meet the client’s total needs whether it is BIOGAS, SOLAR, BUILDING ENERGY SOLUTIONS, MICRO GRID, SMART GRID or other technologies.


Building Performance Contracting


CIYCOR offers exterior and interior building energy solutions through the use of performance contracting. CIYCOR will upgrade your old inefficient buildings and secure funding to make them energy efficient and provide a performance guarantee on the savings.


Federal Contracting Services


CIYCOR’s federal building design and construction experience includes administration, hangers, healthcare facilities, warehouses, housing facilities, classrooms, and research facilities. Providing these entities with services tailored to meet their needs, schedules, and budgets is what CIYCOR does best.


Project Developement/Financing


CIYCOR provides detailed analysis for each customer, targeting project-related cost savings, investment tax credits, and other revenue opportunities, to offer unique financing solutions.


Consulting Services


CIYCOR provides consulting services to clients specializing in working with small, large, and tribal businesses to assist them in becoming a high performance business and provide strategies to grow their market share. CIYCOR will craft a mix of services to assist the client’s needs.