Federal Contracting Services

CIYCOR's team possesses federal building design and construction experience includes administration, hangers, healthcare facilities, warehouses, housing facilities, classrooms, and research facilities. Work covers a wide range of activities, including:

  • Providing engineering and construction management expertise to reduce energy costs, increase occupancy and/or marketability.
  • Managing and operating facilities and providing design and procurement management services to improve knowledge and engineering.

Working to be the federal construction contractor of choice is CIYCORs top priority! CIYCOR strives to always exceed federal requirements through innovation and cost saving measures. CIYCOR understands that one size fits all solutions are simply not successful. CIYCOR understands that decision makers in the government and defense arenas face unique operating requirements and challenges. Providing these entities with services tailored to meet their needs, schedules and budgets is what CIYCOR does best.

CIYCOR's cost effective and timely solutions, along with our experienced global workforce, truly make a difference in mission success.