Federal Government

CIYCOR is committed to providing premier contracting services to the Federal Government in the areas of design/build, construction, construction management, general contracting, renewable energy, and infrastructure.

CIYCOR's Senior Management Team has extensive experience in:

  • MILCON Contracts
  • ESPC/UESEC Contracts
  • FFP Contracts
  • IDIQ Contracts
  • SABER/MATOC Contracts
  • Job Order Contracts (JOC)
  • MACC Contracts

Long-time customers include US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Coast Guard, United States Corps of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife Administration, Department of Veteran Affairs, Army Reserve Contracting Center, Air National Guard, National Guard Bureau, General Service Administration, Bureau of Land Management, Federal Aviation Administration, US Department of Interior, US Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Energy.