Renewable Energy Solutions

CIYCOR's world class team of renewable energy experts is dedicated to providing clean, “green” sustainable, renewable energy. CIYCOR's renewable platform offers a holistic renewable energy approach to assess, secure funding and recommend various energy solutions to meet the client's total needs whether it is BIOGAS, SOLAR, BUILDING ENERGY SOLUTIONS or other technologies. CIYCOR provides energy solutions which provide for energy independence to energy security. CIYCOR has the ability to bring in third party financing to assist clients, organizations, municipalities, governments, commercial entities, hospitals, and others to be a clean, green entity.

CIYCOR specializes in Biogass in which food waste is converted into Energy. CIYCOR specializing in Biogas in which food waste is converted into Energy.

Performance contracting solutions CIYCOR specializes in Energy Building Solutions.

CIYCOR offers SmartGrid and MicroGrid Technologies to offer Energy independence and security.

  • Evaluation of current energy generation and renewable energy strategy.
  • Energy performance and efficiency of component users including facilities, processes, and delivery infrastructures.
  • Evaluation of system “load”, including peak and non-peak performance and storage.
  • Evaluation of energy reliability and security; to include potential micro-grid and smart-grid systems.
  • Integration and assessment of individual Energy Characteristics to result in holistic energy solution that is based on sound economic principles.